5 convincing reasons to live a Minimalist Life:

MInimalist life

The popularity of minimalism is no joke, and it is increasing day by day as more people are adopting this lifestyle.

So, having fewer things really improve your life? 

Well, Yes.

But how?

Let’s see.

1. It decreases Procrastination:

Minimalism is a very good solution for procrastinators. It reduces the chances of you doing something else other than your work.

But how?

If you have read my article on procrastination, then you may know about the ‘Options’. Basically, it states that if you have more options and distractions then it is highly unlikely that you will do your important task.

But as soon as you remove then you have no choice other than working on your important task.

And Minimalist life is all about keeping the most valuable things and buying the most needed things, which ultimately ends with fewer things.

When you will not have your ‘game box’, how can you play games? You will more likely to work because then you will know why you removed that box in the first place.

2. Minimalism saves your time and ends confusion:

When you live a minimalist life then you know that you have very few options. And with fewer options, decision making becomes easy.

You don’t have to choose between multiple shoes, multiple shirts, and multiple pants.

Let’s take my example. For home, I have only two shirts. So I don’t have to decide between them because whenever I wear one of them, obviously it is because I washed the other one.

But this is very little time. Right? I mean, how much time you are going to take to decide which shirt you should wear? A few minutes or half an hour.

But the picture is bigger than this.

It is already seen that confusion increases the chances of having anxiety because confusion makes you worry and too much worrying can lead to anxiety.

So if you are a person who encounters anxiety very often, then having fewer things may help.

And also, your brain doesn’t have to spend too much energy on useless things.

3. It saves money:

You know shopping is also not less than an addiction. And many people are addicted to this without even knowing.

Living a Minimalist life shows you what your actual needs are. It is hard to not buy things if you really like shopping, but all of that controlling is worth the result.

Because once you start living with very few things then you will know how useless those things were that you were thinking to buy.

When you are rich but your needs are less, then comes our next point.

4. The vision and clarity:

Nowadays, many people are struggling to find their passion and life goals. Some know what to do, what they like, but there are many others who don’t know….anything.

You know what’s the problem? 

Too many useless things that divert our attention and brings a lot of confusion.

Like, have you ever decided something in your life and then you had gone to Facebook or Instagram and came back with lots of confusion….again because of watching other people’s lives and all those luxury cars. Yes?

But what is the role of minimalism in all of this?

It’s simple. When you have fewer needs and live a Minimalist life, then you get clarity and it becomes very hard to divert you from your goal.

Well, you already know that you don’t need an expensive car, so how the person who has that car is going to change your thinking. You will not get influenced.

You get it.

I will write a separate article on this ‘Influence’.

5. It increases your concentration:

We already know that minimalism decreases the chances of procrastination. But you also need concentration after you start working.

You know that after you start working, ‘flow’ kicks in and then time flies.

But you know, the biggest enemy of the ‘flow’ is an environment full of distractions.

But minimalism takes care of this also. I know you already know.

Fewer things. Fewer options. Fewer distractions. Less procrastination. More focus.

So, if you are a person who gets easily distracted then you should try working in a clean, minimalistic environment.

Distraction ‘can’ be a reason for procrastination but it is definitely a reason for less concentration.

After this, everything is about the bad habits and good habits.

I know, many people are still not convinced to live a minimalist life. Well, those who are already minimalists, you people can convince them by adding more reasons in the comment section. I will also add them in my article if I find your reasons good enough.

This is the end of this article.

Once you learn how much little you need to live, it becomes a total addiction

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