5 most overlooked reasons of procrastination (Defeat it now)

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‘Procrastination’…..Well, what can we say about the popularity of this word. Right? You, me, and everyone have experienced Procrastination in our lives.

To be fair, I also Procrastinate very often. Like you, I have also watched many interviews of some very popular Procrastination experts.

But anxiety never let me rest until I find the root cause of the problem……myself, because I strongly believe that what worked for me may not work for others or the other way.

Now, Let’s see the five most common but ignored reasons of Procrastination:

1. You don’t like your work…..at all:

This reason sounds very simple but believe me, it has the power to end procrastination once and for all.

All of us procrastinate sometimes. That’s okay. But if it is the only thing you are doing then It should be a red sign for you.

No matter how many successful people’s interviews you watch or how many motivational videos you watch, it all comes down to whether you love your work or not.

Now, It is possible that you may not have figured out what you love or what is your passion…..at least yet. And that’s okay. No need to be scared. Maybe you will never find what you love…like me. 

So what you should do?

Explore. And I am not talking about just outside. Sometimes, answers can be found inside. You just need to look. And remember this line:

“Explore until you find the thing that doesn’t let you sleep……..not for a day or a week… at least for a few months”

Why “at least for a few months”? because there comes a time when you think This is it. This is the work I want to do. But after some time, all that excitement is just gone. Why? Because you were motivated and never saw the bigger picture.

And no, you are not going to find your passion or what you love on youtube or in articles like this. Been there and done that. Nothing was found.

And Yeah, if you are doing work for quite some time then the boredom is more than normal. But this topic is for another time.

2. You have a long term goal:

So, you have stopped watching videos like “How to make money online fast” or “How to make money in 30 days” and now you have a long term goal. But you are still procrastinating, even though you know that the price is big. Right?

This is a very serious problem. When we have long-term goals and the big price is just too far away then we start procrastinating because, at that time, we don’t have a sense of urgency.

What is a sense of urgency? 

What if tomorrow you have to submit your project otherwise you will be fired from your job. For sure, you will work hard, maybe even sacrifice your sleep just to get that task done. Right?

Why? Because your job depends on that task. And as you shift the due date, let’s say a week further, then still, your job depends on that task but you are not going to start working.

Why? Because you have more time. It is the same with long term goals. Your life depends on that goal. But it just doesn’t depend on it today – that is, you have more time.

So now you are aware of the problem. 90% of work is already done because a little bit of awareness can change our lives.

But What can we do…..practically? 

If you can make your work more urgent then it will certainly help you. You can also choose to sacrifice something if you have not completed your task on time.

E.g. you can only watch a T.V. show if you have completed your task.

What? Not enough? Well, you can also choose that you will never (ever) watch the episode that you have missed because of not completing your task on time. You will start after that episode because you have lost your chance…or in this case your episode. And it is never going to come back – just like the time.

You get it. If the price is big, stakes are high and time is less, then you are more likely to complete your task.

Now you have a big price and a certain time limit to complete your task. All is set.

3. Your work is not important enough:

Are you going to the gym or working out at home? If the answer is no, then it simply means that workout is not important for you.

Why? It may be because you think you are already fit and fine or there is no sense in lifting heavyweights. Right?

Now, You are more likely to Procrastinate because workout is not that important…..at least that’s what you think. Neither the world is going to change just because you are working out, or you are going to earn millions just because of it.

This can be the case with any type of work you are trying to do. And don’t confuse importance with urgency.

It is a matter of perception and chance. If you think your work is not impacting the world or serving anything great, then you are more likely to procrastinate.

What can we do?

It’s simple. Change it or find a reason to make it important enough.  

4. You have distractions:

Working in a very distractive environment can lead to more Procrastination.

Because you have too many options just waiting to get your attention. How many times do you watch a T.V. series or play games rather than working on your most important task?

If the answer is ‘very often’ then you need to remove things that are diverting your attention. Because we all know once you start playing a video game then time just flies and there is no going back.

But what if you don’t have a video game at all or at least you don’t have access to it while you do your work?

You are more likely to start your work. And then ‘flow’ kicks in and boom, you have continuously worked for 3 to 4 hours. And now you can enjoy your video game without any guilt.

So work in a clean, minimalist environment and remove all the distracting things or at least remove the access to them while you work.

5. You are addicted:

This is the most overlooked one. Let’s take the above example of a video game or a T.V. series.

If you are just playing video games or watching T.V. series all the time, then maybe you are on a path to become an addict or you are already an addict.

No matter how important your work is, if you are an addict then no advice can save you. First, you have to identify your addiction.

Once you are aware of it, you are all set to defeat it. In case of games and T.V. series, it is much easier to leave them than in case of, smoking cigarettes or consuming alcohol.

There was a time when I was playing games for about 3 to 6 hours per day. And, I was aware of it.

You know how I stopped playing video games?

My laptop became too old to be able to run the modern games……at all. Don’t laugh;)

Ultimately it was a boon in disguise. You can see that as I lost the capability of playing games, I had no reason to waste my time anymore.

But oh, my laptop was still capable of browsing. So, I started watching T.V. series.

Anyways, I understood what was happening.

So, identify if you are becoming an addict of something. Defeat it and move on.

6. Bonus Point – You have too many goals:

If you have too many tasks in a day, then it is more likely that you will not complete any of them. Hell, you may not even start working on any of them.

If you are facing this problem, then Warren Buffett’s 2-list strategy is just the only thing you need.

Read from here: Warren Buffett’s 2-list strategy.

So, this is the end. And the end quote will be:

“Observe yourself, Identify your problems, and defeat them once and for all.”

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