5 things you must know if want to be consistent

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We all have our goals. And to achieve those goals, we have to do a certain type of tasks every day. But most of us never show the type of consistency required to achieve that goal in a certain amount of time.

And as a result, we always take more time to achieve that goal, or maybe, we never achieve it.

Now, when we talk about the consistency there comes two types of people – the ones who achieve their goals but takes more time, and the other ones, who never achieve their goals because, now, they have different goals.

Choose your category. I fall into the second one. I always keep changing my goals because, after some time, I have another great idea. This is a real problem because that great idea will soon become just a good one.

Now, my first point is for the second type of people.

1. You have second thoughts:

If you always change your goals after some time then you would have noticed that most of the time, you have second thoughts about your goal.

You are always thinking whether what I am doing is good or not then after some time, you find yourself working on a different goal because the previous goal wasn’t that good. Right?

Okay, you know I know. But what is the solution?

The solution is very simple. Just stop doing that. Because you are not going to do anything in life if you keep changing your goals.

It’s good that you are second-guessing because you are thinking about pros and cons but this is only good when you understand that ‘everything’ you are ever going to do, will have its own pros and cons.

Just so that you know, I have blogged on three different great guaranteed to succeed topics before choosing this one.

All of those were great ideas but you know I left them because I always find a better one.

And yeah, I have also doubted on this site like “Oh! There are so many good writers in this field. How can I compete with them?” or “the previous ideas were better than this one. I should work on them”.

But I never changed my goal. Because at that time, I identified what I was doing. Now, I have already written an article about second thoughts and after reading it, I hope that most of your doubts will get solved.

You can read it from here: What to do when you have second thoughts

“There are no great ideas. Every idea is a good one until you work hard to make it great”

2. You are Lazy – or more:

Lazy is a word that is always taken very lightly. But in reality, it is a life-destroying four-letter word.

Google defines lazy as – “Unwilling to work”. Meaning that there is no will to work. And where there is no will, there is no way. 

Okay, you got it.

Lazy can also be a habit. Yes, you read that right. If you are always spending your day on the couch doing nothing, then it is more likely that you don’t want to do anything anymore.

So how can you be not so lazy?  

Well, only a good habit can beat a bad habit. Build a habit of working. Start slow and increase daily.

If you have not a will to work, then it also means that you have no reason to work. Find a good, urgent reason.

There is an old saying – In dessert, you will do anything to find water because now, you have a good, urgent reason, and that is – Thirst.

3. You are controlled by Procrastination:

I hate to add procrastination in every article. But what can I do? This word is not less than a superstar.

Consistency means showing every day, no matter the excuses. But with Procrastination, how is this possible?

First, we have to identify when we are procrastinating, and then comes the why.

Maybe you are procrastinating while doing a certain type of task. Identify it.

And then ask why. What is the problem? Maybe it is because that task is not urgent at all or doesn’t hold that much value or you don’t love doing it at all.

Yes, there is not a single reason for Procrastination. And for the sake of this article, I am not going to elaborate on this topic….again.

This is the article you should read if you want to beat procrastination: 5 reasons why you are procrastinating (Defeat it now)

4. Your work is too much:

This one is very underrated. When you have too much on your plate then it is more likely that you will not complete any of your tasks.

Sometimes, we plan 10 big tasks for a day and not complete any of them.

What is the solution?

Identify the very most important tasks and just complete them before moving on to other less important tasks.

And if possible, remove less important tasks completely. Because when you do that, you don’t have to focus on multiple things and you can divert all your energy to the most important tasks.

You must also check out warren buffet’s 2 list strategy.

Because you may not believe me, but you will believe a billionaire.

5. You have distractions:

A distracting environment can lead to more procrastination, less productivity, and ultimately less consistency.

If you are playing video games or watching a T.V. series when you should work, then they are nothing but distractions (or you are addicted, but this is a different topic).

They are all options and when you have too many options, then you get confused.

For example: Why you should work when you can play your favorite video game?

So, coming to the solution.

Remove them completely or at least make them unavailable while you work. Because then you will have no other option but just your most important work.

So, don’t purchase your next month’s subscription.

6. You don’t know about the boredom:

When you have a long-term goal then it is more likely that you will get bored with the process.

It is natural. There is no solution to this. You must learn to love that boredom.

Nobody loves the process but everybody loves the price

And the price goes to the person who either loves the process and does the work or who doesn’t love the process but still does the work.

Let’s end our article here.

Comment if you have any suggestion for me or want me to add something in this article.

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