Goal-setting : Never ignore these 5 things

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Goal setting is not as easy as you think it is…..at least it is not for me.

I have always struggled to find the thing which I really wanted to do and that is why I switched between multiple goals.

But the problem is that it wastes a lot of time and creates confusion.

You may be the person who has very clear goals in life while many lack this type of clarity.

Well thankfully, I am good at observing;)

I observed the factors affecting my decisions while I was planning a long-term goal or the factors which we should consider while planning a long-term goal.

Let’s see what those factors are:

1. Influence:

Influence – A sneaky Invisible life-destroying parasite.

When I look back and think about my wrong decisions, I always find that all of those decisions were influenced by something or someone.

It was either because I saw someone making more money in a business, or it was because he had fame, freedom, and all of the things which a normal person would ever want.

And influence made sure that I don’t stick to just one goal. Well, who doesn’t want to make billions when he is just making millions by sticking to his goal, Right?

We make most of our decisions just because we are influenced by someone or something. 

How many times have you changed your decision just because you watched someone’s life on Facebook or Instagram?

Or how many times you questioned the work you love just after hearing Elon Musk’s speech or Jeff Bezos’s speech or watching any other famous person’s life?

And I want to make this clear that it is not their fault. It is totally our fault. Elon musk would never want you to change your goal just because he founded a rocket company. Same goes for any other person.

And social media made influence much worse than it was ever before. 

And the most dangerous thing is that you may not even know that you are influenced.

And when we are influenced by someone’s popularity or lifestyle or money, then it impacts all of our decisions. And it is more dangerous when we are just trying to find our life-goal.

So how can you defeat the undefeated?

It is simple. You just need to be aware. If you are aware, then influence is neither bad nor good. You will be doing what’s right and necessary.

Also, question your decision many times before settling with it.

If possible, stay away from social media for as long as you are figuring out your goal.

And yes, ideas are different from influence. You can get an idea from someone or something without getting influenced. However, your ultimate motive defines whether you are influenced or not. 

2. Your primary skill:

Primary Skill is the skill you will learn after working on your long term goal for years. Whenever you are setting a goal, write down your primary skill.

In simple words – How will you sell yourself after five years?

If you are programming for years then you see yourself as a programmer. If you are writing for years then you see yourself as a writer. You will SELL yourself as a writer or programmer.

We always ignore our primary skill while deciding our life goal. Instead, we focus on money (most of the time), fame, and all the materialistic things.

Money is important but it is only a half picture. Well, I never saw anyone with expertise earning less. But I will talk about money later in the article.

Also, writing down your primary skill clarifies what you are going to learn, which is very difficult to know with our current education system. E.g. I am at the end of my computer degree and they taught me C, C++, Java, HTML, PHP, and Python and because of this ocean of everything, I never mastered anything.

3. Stay:

After deciding your long-term goal, stay with your decision for at least a few days before starting to work on it.

This period of waiting is very important because after calculating all the statistics, it all comes down to whether you want to do it or not. 

When we decide something big, we get excited. And most of the time, that excitement is based on the statistics and ultimately, the reward.

You will need some time to think apart from the statistics and reward, and this phase of waiting give you that much needed time.

And if you don’t have any second thoughts about your decision then it is time to start the work.

4. Your Money Plan:

You might have heard people saying that you don’t have to worry about money and “Just do the work and you will get money”.

Well, they are half right. When you decide something you love to do, you must also write down your money strategy at that time.

Because this will give you a rough picture of how you are going provide the value, or what value you are going to provide for which people will pay you.

Of course, value is always going to win over money……at least in the long run. But if you are ignoring your money plan then you are just depending on the luck.

And lucky ones are very few.

5. Short term planning:

I know you must have heard these advices – “Don’t plan for the short term” or “See the bigger picture”. Right?

Well, these advices are very right yet very underrated. We want things to happen as soon as possible, and this thinking affects our decision.

And with increasing ‘get rich quick’ schemes, more and more are people are falling for this trap.

I totally understand that you want to make money as soon as possible and after seeing other people earning money, it is normal to fall into this trap.

But this is useless because if you don’t like it then sooner or later, you are gonna drop what you are doing. And ultimately, your precious time gets wasted.

Now, you will say – “I don’t know what I like”. Well, this is our next topic.

What if you don’t know what you love:

If you are thinking you are the only one who doesn’t know what you love, then you might get disappointed. Most people are like this.

Either they are not doing any work because they don’t know what they love, or they are doing the work but they don’t like it. 

But because you are in a decision making phase, you can choose to experiment. You can try doing something for six months.

In those six months, do what you think you can do and then decide. If you can’t even do it for 6 months then quit and try something else. But if you still like it, then keep going.

And it doesn’t need to be exact six months, it can be less.

In reality, there is no easy way to find what you love. You have to go out and explore. And sometimes you will have to do what you don’t love to get what you love.

“No Person is successful just because he only did the work he liked”

Bonus tip:

If possible, don’t plan multiple goals. Because when you have multiple goals, you are more likely to leave them in the middle.

And it is better to have one completed task rather than having 10 incomplete tasks.

If you already have multiple goals, then Warren Buffett’s two-list strategy is the only thing you need.


All of the above factors are based on my experience. I never write what I don’t know. But it doesn’t mean that what worked for me will also work for you.

If you can relate to all (or some) of the things I mentioned above, then you can take the advice. If you don’t relate with any, then you don’t have to take my advice.

With this, let’s end our article here.

If you have any suggestions for me then you can leave a comment for me. I am always happy to reply.

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See you in the next article.

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