Having Second Thoughts About Your Goal? Know this now!

If you are a person who is having second thoughts at the time of deciding and planning, then this article is not for you.

Because it is normal to have second thoughts while you are planning long-term. Your brain calculates all the risks and the probability of success.

You can read this article instead: How to make the best decision

But the problem starts when you start working on it and then after some months or weeks, you are not sure whether you should continue or not.

Because maybe, you have a new idea which is better than the previous one, or you are questioning the chances of success again. Keep on reading if you fall into this category.

Because I am writing on this topic, you already know that you are not alone.

I started many projects just to leave all the of them in the middle. All of those were great ideas, but I always get a better ground-breaking idea than the previous one.

The one example of this process is this website. I blogged on three different most popular topics. And then I understood that I am good at observing and then I started blogging on the current topic.

Anyways, the problem with second thoughts is that you don’t achieve anything. You waste a lot of time moving in between different goals.

Let’s see what can we do to minimize the chances of confusion.

The Reality:

When you start getting second thoughts, try to see the reality. Find out what’s making you to second guess your decision.

First case: Is it because you are bored?

Second case:  maybe your idea is dead now?

Third case:  you have another great idea?

The first case or question is very easy but the problem is that we don’t want the answer. I can only say that Boredom is normal.

The second case is based on the statistics. It is possible that what you had planned 6 months ago may not work today.

The only answer of this question is that you just have to adapt and change your strategy.

But the third case is a total mess. To explain this, we have to understand the questioning part.

The good of the Questioning:

Questioning is sign of intelligence and it can solve most of our problems. But it is not easy.

Whenever you get a new idea and want to leave your current goal in the middle, then try questioning yourself……honestly.

Is this what I did with my previous goal? Is this all I am doing every time?

You will instantly know your answers. If this is your first time or second time, then it is okay to switch depending on the statistics of the new idea or maybe you love it more than the current one.

But If you have done it many times before, then this is a problem because now, you don’t know why you are quitting in the first place.

Is it because you are not consistent? Well, it is not your first time quitting something. Right?

Or is it because your goal is not that good in the long run…in reality?

Now, you are stuck between the above two questions. You will never know that switching is best or not because of the lack of self-confidence.

But it is possible to get out of this decision fog.

First step is that you have to know why you had started working on that goal in the first place. Write that down.

No worries, you will easily get this answer. Now, find out if your current goal is still a good idea.

But don’t compare the statistics of the current idea and the new idea because your new idea is always gonna be better than the previous one. Otherwise you would have never thought about it in the first place.

If you found out that your current idea is dying statistically then you can switch.

If you found out that your current idea is still good, then it’s time to make it great.

Yes, try to make it great and better than the previous one. Do this for few days, if you are able to make it better than the new one. Then you don’t need to switch.

But if you fail to do so, then it already shows that you don’t have a good vision about your goal and it is better to switch.

There is one more path that is, you can work on the both ideas if you are able to manage your time. It is a very good way to try something new without leaving your current goal.

That is why I said in the starting that you have to be real. Keep your emotions aside and then, decide. Every situation is different and your decision must be based on the situation and the statistics.

And remember, if you are still in the “Exploring phase” then this process is not for you. At that phase, You can change your goals many times until you get satisfied.

The Influence:

The one main reason for second-thoughts is Influence. It is possible that you saw somebody’s life on social media and you got influenced.

You changed your goal just because someday is living a more luxurious and adventurous life than you.

That is why you must be aware of this influence. Nobody knows if you are influenced or not, apart from you.

This quote is best to explain this:

“Never stop working for your Diamond just because somebody else got their gold first”

No idea is great until you make it great:

Every idea is a good idea until you make it great. If you have a new idea, then it is just ‘better’ than the previous one, but it is still not ‘great’.

Even Facebook was just a good idea, Mark Zuckerberg made it great. SpaceX was a good idea, Elon musk made it great.

Just think that if they had switched just because they had a new great idea?

And now, don’t copy them just because I mentioned them. Try to see the reality. What is best for them may not be best for you.

The Six-Month Trial Period:

If you are still in the decision-making phase or you don’t know what you love, then it is better to use the six-month trial method.

Pick a goal and try working on it for six-months. In those months, you will know whether you like it or not.


This is the most confusing article I have ever written. I have never tried this much harder to make people understand what my point is.

Anyways, the ultimate advice is that “You know yourself better”. Apply all of the points above and then decide. And don’t forget about Influence. It can be the main culprit.

If you are confused, or want to add something in this article, or have a suggestion for me, then comment section is always open for you.

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See ya;)

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