Less Productivity? Know These 5 Things Now


You are busy all day, you are tired as hell at the end, and still, you feel like that you have achieved very less on that day. Right? You are not the only one. I felt the same and thought too much about productivity.

I can bet that you will not ask the question ‘How to be productive’ after this article. Let’s bust some myths before jumping to the 5 reasons.

Busting Some myths:

Productivity means achieving more in less time. Right? No. This is partially correct because ‘more’ is not defined. More what? More than yesterday? More than someone else?

If you chose ‘more than yesterday’ then that ‘more’ must have a limit. Right? If you had completed two tasks in the previous day, then that does not necessarily mean that you have to complete three tasks today because it may not be possible (You can’t drive a car if you are holding a cup of coffee in one hand and a burger in the other hand). I know you are thinking of Tesla. Aren’t you;)

Productivity also depends on the task you are doing. You must have noticed that you are more productive in some tasks and less productive in other tasks.

If you think that productivity is multitasking, then you are partially correct. You can’t do multitasking all the time. Some tasks need your absolute focus and that focus will ensure your progress.

So now you know that Productivity meaning somewhat depends on the type of the task you are doing and of course, on your focus.

If you are looking for a way to quickly sort your email list and at the same time achieve two or more tasks, then I have to say that it is nothing but Time-management. All these tips and tricks that you are searching for can be extremely useful for you.

But I am not going to talk about that. I am going to focus on how you can make your x hours more productive and more focused.

So, here it comes: 5 reasons why you are not productive enough.

1. The ‘flow’:

You may know about this or you must have heard this term somewhere or not. When you are extremely focused on a task for a long time without putting any effort then this state of mind is sometimes referred to as ‘Flow’.

We all sometimes, without knowing, work with this ‘Flow’. In my case, I experience it daily while writing articles. For 2 to 4 hours (depending on the article length), my focus climbs on to another level.  

So, what is the problem? Well, there isn’t one but two, and you must eliminate these if you really want to get the full benefit of this ‘Flow’. First one is that you need to start. Yes, most of us never start working on our task.

We procrastinate too much and the biggest problem with procrastination is this: As time passes, the chances of never starting increases rapidly. So please start.

The second problem is that you must eliminate all the distractions before starting your work because once you are in Flow then you probably won’t leave your desk for 2 to 3 hours. And any kind of distraction might disrupt your working Flow.

Sadly, I live in an environment that is full of distractions and that is why I know that any kind of distraction will affect your productivity directly. So, put your phone to DND, wear headphones if you are living in a noisy environment, and just start working.

A quick tip: Flow isn’t some kind of magic. It’s just our mysterious brain. Don’t focus on it too much otherwise you will start focusing on this question – (Am I in flow? Or not?) instead of doing your work.

2. You have too many Goals:

I hate to break it to you but you can’t do everything at the same time. Too many goals divide your energy and leave your brain tired. And the most important thing – you get confused in prioritizing them.

This problem felt like a curse to me because I wanted to achieve many things before I started this website. I had so many great ideas that I wanted to test but, as you know, time was telling a totally different story.

The result was that I had to bury some very good projects because it was becoming impossible to find that 25th hour. So, this may be the case with you also.

You can also try 2-list strategy of Warren Buffett.

Don’t be afraid to give up the good to go for the great.
 John D. Rockefeller

 3. You are not saying ‘No’:

We all struggle to prioritize things sometimes. You may have planned your day, written all your tasks, prioritized the important tasks, but suddenly you got an invitation to an amazing party from your friends.

That’s a tough call. Well, if your work is important enough then you will only see one option (you know which option). You must learn to say no to many things that are coming at you throughout the day.

Just make sure you don’t always say no because it is necessary for us to socialize……sometimes. And yeah, unexpected events do happen in life and that’s okay. The below quote is best suited for those unexpected events:

“If you miss once, that’s okay. If you miss twice, that’s also okay. But never miss the third time”

(I can’t remember who said it. If you know then please comment)

4. Your concentration power is very low:

Flow is one thing. But if your concentration power is very low then you may find it more difficult to work on some tasks which you don’t like at all.

Yes, if you like your work, then Flow can take care of your concentration. But let’s face it, we all have tasks that we don’t like.

And that’s where concentration power comes into play. Now like every muscle in your body, you have to train your mind if you want to increase your concentration power.

How can you do that? It’s simple. Start slow, then increase your time as you may find suitable. 

E.g. Whenever you visit a gym for the first time then you don’t start picking up the heaviest weights. Right? Unless you are one of those types of people who pick up the heaviest weight to showoff or just because other people are watching you.

Anyways, those type of people, in the end, also finds their way to the weights that they are comfortable with. You understand what I am trying to say. Don’t be like those people.

Start slow then increase your time slowly. After a month, you will find that you can concentrate better. But don’t stop there. Because like any muscle, you have to train your brain regularly if you want to maintain that strength.

5. You don’t love your work:

So, you have read many articles about productivity, watched many Youtube videos of experts, and watched several interviews of successful people. But still, you think that you are not productive enough?

Well, this could mean that you don’t love your work…….at all. And yes, you are not alone. Hell, most of the people are like that. They are just pretending that they love their work and the truth is that most people love the money they are getting from that work. How do I know?

Well, what I haven’t tried for money. Youtube channel? Freelancing gigs? Blogging? Programming? You name it. And of course, I haven’t tried opening a restaurant or a real estate company because I did not have that kind of money. But if I did have that kind of money, then why not?

It took me some time to understand what was happening. But in the end, I realized the cause.

I can only say that you should explore some other things and always ask questions like why am I doing this?

This article may help: Goal-Setting : Never Ignore these 5 things

6. You are not getting enough sleep:

This one is the most neglected but also one of the most important ones. How can you be productive if you are sleepy all day?

I know, when you love your work, then 24hrs is not just enough. That’s why must find your minimum sleeping time.

One of the research suggests that everyone’s sleeping time is different to feel fully fresh after waking up. For some of you, It may be 8hrs or 9hrs, or some of you may feel fresh in just 6hrs of sleep.

It depends on you. So find your sleeping time and try to sleep on a fixed time. It will improve your sleep quality.

This is the end. Hope you liked it.

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One quote to end this article will be:

“Productivity is overrated. Once you have found what you love, None of that matters.”

Keep reading;)

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