The One Valuable Lesson I learned from Programming.


I strongly believe that there is no failure in life, and that is only if you have tried again and again.

But If you have never tried, then you will never know.

Heck, even Colonel Sanders’s recipe was rejected 1,009 times before anyone accepted it. If you don’t know; he was the founder of KFC.

It looks like he failed 1,009 times. Right?

But no, he tried 1,009 times and each time, he learned something new.

Even after that, he faced many challenges and that is also at the age when other people think about retirement.

And Now, KFC is a billion-dollar company.

Who knew a chicken recipe could worth this much.

Well, Colonel Sanders knew, or at least he believed in his recipe.

It was all about the trials and errors. But you don’t need to go out selling chickens to learn this lesson.

You just need to look around. I learned this lesson while I was working on a project.

The trial and error:

So recently I was trying to build a software. If you don’t know, It’s been two years since I started learning some programming languages and working on some projects.

Anyways, I encountered a problem……a very big problem. And because I had sworn that I will not ask anybody about the solution, I had to solve it my own.

The problem could only be solved by thinking logically, strategically, and by applying all that boring algorithm stuff.

So, every day I think of a new solution and check if it works. Now the biggest problem in programming is that sometimes your program works, but not the way you want it to work.

After applying each solution, a new more complicated problem arise. But I knew that the solution is possible and it just needs some time.

This continued for two weeks or more. Sometimes I got the answers in the shower or at night just before I fell asleep.

And then finally, I got the solution. But that was also not perfect. I encountered some errors.

And after spending the whole day working on errors, my program finally worked.

The program worked, without anyone’s help. You can’t imagine the happiness. But the whole process taught me a great lesson which was much important than the program itself.

The lessons:

You try, you fail, and this process repeats until you get something right. Each time you fail, you learn something new.

I even had to keep a diary with me so that I can write the solution whenever I get it.

Later, I had a list of around 30 solutions that didn’t work, and one solution that worked. Later those 30 solutions that didn’t work turned into my mistakes. So in reality, I was writing my mistakes.

Writing your mistakes is very underrated but very important. Because when you try next time, you will know that you are not making the same mistake.

And as you can see, I never changed the problem. I changed my solutions. That is why you should never change your goal. Change your strategies.

Also, don’t just stay in the same environment while working on a problem. Take a Walk, or a shower, or play some game.

Because even when you are not thinking about the problem, your subconscious mind is still trying to solve that problem.

This process, in scientist terms, is known as the “Incubation period”.

When you relax, your creative mind gets activated. More ideas start to come, and sometimes our subconscious mind place the solution of the problem in our conscious mind.

That is why we sometimes get answers in showers or while we try to sleep. 

I will discuss this topic more deeply in my next article.

And also, there is no ‘right way’ to solve a problem. The only right way is your own way. 

If I would have taken help from other experienced programmers, they sure might have told me about different techniques to solve that problem.

But that doesn’t mean that their way is the only right way to solve the problem. I solved it by using pretty basic techniques and who knows, maybe your own way is much better than their way.

Now, there are many other examples like Colonel Sanders and you can learn many things from them. But when you try yourself, you learn something different or same, but you value that more than anything. 

This was a pretty simple article. But I thought that I should share what I observed. The lesson is simple but very powerful when you experience the whole process yourself.

As the saying goes:

 “When you try, there is no failure in life. You either get success or a list of hundred ideas that didn’t work

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